A Closer Look: What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling Treatments

As your skin ages, it can begin to look more lined, have increased hyperpigmentation from sun damage, and start to sag. Other complexion concerns such as acne scarring, rough textured skin, rosacea, and more can be present at any age. Microneedling treatments can help to address signs of aging as well as concerns about skin […]

What Is BHRT and What Are the Benefits?

BHRT Therapy

Many people experience the effects of hormonal imbalance as they age. Fatigue, low libido, sleep problems, weight gain, mood changes and more can result from hormone changes in both men and women. BHRT is a treatment that can restore low levels of certain hormones in the body to help manage many of these symptoms.  At […]

The Health Benefits of IV Therapy You Need to Know About

The Health Benefits of IV Therapy You Need to Know About | Rock Creek Wellness

Taking care of our bodies should always be a top priority, and sometimes that means taking an extra step to supplement what we get from daily choices. IV therapy is becoming a growing trend for people desiring to improve their overall health, energy levels, and focusing ability. At Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood, KS, we […]

5 Benefits of CoolSculpting in Leawood, KS


For many adults, losing those last few pounds of stubborn belly fat or smoothing out bumpy contours are common goals. Liposuction used to be the standard treatment for stubborn fat deposits. But most people would rather not undergo invasive surgery with a lengthy recovery time just to trim off a few pounds.  At Rock Creek […]

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Kybella Fat-Dissolving Injections


Submental fullness, which is commonly known as a double chin, can be a concern for both men and women. Numerous factors contribute to double chin formation, including genetics, lifestyle, and age. But no matter what causes your submental fullness, most adults find it difficult to remedy using diet and exercise alone.  That’s where Kybella injections […]

IV Therapy Can Help Refresh and Replenish Your Body

IV Therapy

Whether it’s due to the natural process of aging, or you need an extra boost for your recovery and energy, we at Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood, KC, have an IV therapy treatment for you. With our IV therapy, we can help replenish essential hydration, vitamins, and fluids that your body may be lacking. This […]

Certified Hair Restoration in Leawood, KC

Hair Restoration

When it comes to using modern technology to combat hair loss and help you regain healthy hair, we at Rock Creek Wellness are here to help. Our nanoparticle technology has helped countless patients find success when it comes to a non-invasive alternative treatment to help stimulate new hair growth. As a more natural and convenient […]

Therapy for Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness

We know sexual function can be a difficult topic. If you are suffering from lack of sex drive, vaginal dryness, or diffiuclty achieving an orgasm, there are solutions, and we promise, you are not the only one. Working up the courage to have that conversation with a professional will be well worth it! There are […]

How Men Can Enjoy a Happier, Healthier Sex Life

Sexual function can be a difficult topic to tackle for many people, both men and women. However, there wouldn’t be solutions like the P-Shot® and GAINSWave® if there weren’t so many men looking for a solution. So, if you have been hesitating about raising the subject, trust us, you are not alone.  Today, we are […]