Hyperpigmentation is a fairly common and harmless condition where patches of the skin become darkened, standing out in comparison to the surrounding skin, due to a large deposit of melanin. This condition is not painful and is generally seen in young and middle-aged women, becoming more noticeable in time.

Rock Creek Wellness understands that not everyone has beautiful, smooth, and even-toned skin, but that it is a trait desired by most everyone. The most commonly used treatment for an uneven skin tone is makeup, but that only lasts for part of the day and can be time-consuming to put on each morning. While creams and other over-the-counter products may help to reduce the uneven colors of your skin from hyperpigmentation, we offer what we have found is a much more effective treatment option.

Treating Discoloration Correctly

By using the GenteMax Pro, our technicians can effectively lessen the color differentiation on your face by administering 755nm wavelengths through a gentle laser. This dual-wavelength laser can treat a variety of pigmentation disorders and is also used to rejuvenate your skin in its entirety.

Although variations of the disorder may be harder to correct, many of our patients have seen wonderful results. You should not expect to see an immediate response after your first treatment, but rather a gradual improvement, reaching your desired look after multiple treatments.

At Rock Creek Wellness, our goal is to help you achieve your desired look, giving you your confidence back and making your skin glow. To schedule your appointment, contact us today.

Individual results may vary.