Do you suffer from unwanted neck and chin fat? Do you hate having your picture taken because of your double chin or do you wonder where your beautiful profile has gone and how you can get it back? Rock Creek Wellness can help you to *reduce the appearance of double chins and restore your confidence through our revolutionary Kybella injection treatment.

Why Choose Rock Creek Wellness For Kybella Double Chin Removal?

The team at Rock Creek Wellness is dedicated to helping people look and feel their best. Before administering Kybella injections, we invite you to come in for a private consultation at our state-of-the-art facility in Leawood. We’ll record your health history, skin quality, and ability to follow post-treatment recommendations, and help you to decide if Kybella is right for you. *Individual results may vary.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a brand-new double chin removal treatment that delivers deoxycholic acid via minimally-invasive injections. Deoxycholic acid is a synthetic form of a molecule that helps your body process fat more efficiently.

How Do Kybella Injections Work?

When injected beneath the skin of a patient’s neck region, Kybella works to destroy the fat that results in the double chin appearance. Destroying these cells eliminates their ability to store fat, which results in their natural elimination by the body. Most patients see a slow but steady elimination of subcutaneous submental fat with four to six weeks after receiving Kybella injections.

Benefits of Kybella

  • Kybella is FDA-approved
  • No anesthesia or surgery required
  • *Fat cells are destroyed permanently
  • Fast and efficient treatments
  • *Younger and leaner appearance
  • May eliminate the embarrassment caused by a double chin

Who Can Use Kybella?

Rock Creek Wellness has administered Kybella injections for double chin removal in both men and women. Kybella is only meant to be used by adults 18 and over.