Athletic Performance & Recovery

IV therapy is the perfect way to improve your overall health, rehydrate, and enhance athletic performance while speeding up recovery times. The Athletic Performance & Recovery IV therapy from Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood, KS delivers important amino acids, vitamins, and minerals directly to your bloodstream, giving your body what it needs to perform at its peak.

Athletic Performance & Recovery Details


This IV therapy gives your body six different essential amino acids: Glutamine, L-ornithine, L-arginine, L-lysine, L-citrulline, and L-carnitine. You also get an influx of key B vitamins and vitamin C and a special boost of essential minerals. The combination is designed to give the body everything it needs to rebuild muscle and burn fat, support the immune system, enhance circulation, and properly synthesize glucose.

In addition, the hydration that accompanies these special ingredients will, in itself, help your body recover more quickly after exertion. Hydration isn’t just important for recovery, however: even a little dehydration takes the edge off your performance, decreasing strength, power, and endurance by measurable amounts.

When you require muscles to work hard, that movement creates heat, causing body temperature to rise. The body deals with this by sweating, but the sweating process causes your body to lose water and key minerals. Your cells need a fresh infusion of water and electrolytes in order to perform optimally and recover quickly.

Cost and Time

Our Rock Creek Wellness Athletic Performance & Recovery infusion costs $155 and takes approximately an hour. During that hour, you can relax in our comfortable office and allow your body some much-needed downtime, helping you recover even more quickly and preparing your body for more athletic exertion.

Specific Health Benefits and Effects

Amino Acids

Serious athletes know how important amino acids are to performance and recovery. Glutamine enhances the body’s ability to metabolize protein, build muscle mass, and transport nutrients to the cells. L-ornithine supports the liver as your body naturally detoxes, but it can also profoundly enhance the effects of strength training. L-arginine is essential for athletes, as it helps to regulate blood pressure while also enhancing the flow of blood to muscles, improving endurance. L-lysine is crucial for the immune system and is a natural antiviral, but for the athlete, it is especially essential for muscle building.

L-citrulline doesn’t get much glory because it doesn’t directly help with muscle building, but it has another crucial function every athlete can appreciate: it helps your body break down the waste products of exercise and efficiently eliminate them, meaning faster recovery. L-carnitine is essential for the transport of fatty acids within the body, making this a key fat-burning amino acid.


Our Performance & Recovery IV Therapy contains a thousand milligrams of vitamin C. This vitamin is already well-known for the role it plays in supporting immune system function, which in itself helps with recovery. Intense exercise and performance temporarily suppress the immune system, though the end result of regular exercise is an enhanced immune system. Vitamin C may help to counteract the temporary immune-suppressing effect and speed up recovery. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, meaning it can help clear the body recover from oxidative damage caused by the waste products of intense exercise.

The B vitamins, specifically B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, are essential to all the body’s metabolic processes. B1 helps the body break down protein and carbs for energy, while B2 enhances energy by supporting red blood cell production. B3 supports the body’s anaerobic and aerobic functions, while B5 is essential for breaking down fats, carbs, and proteins into usable energy. B6 may be the most crucial of all as it is a key player in over 100 of the body’s metabolic processes.


The minerals provided in our Performance & Recovery IV Therapy support the serious athlete in key ways, replacing minerals lost through sweating and preparing the body for its next exertion. Magnesium supports over 300 metabolic reactions in the human body, including muscle contractions and nerve conduction. Zinc helps our bodies maintain protein structures and stability, and medical professionals estimate up to 90% of athletes are deficient in this key nutrient. Too much deficiency can lead to unwanted weight loss, fatigue, and lowered endurance.

This IV treatment also contains key trace minerals like copper, selenium, and manganese, which are all crucial to supporting nerve function, cellular regeneration, and circulation. This IV therapy also offers 200 mg of calcium: a crucial mineral salt easily lost through sweating during exercise.

Performance & Recovery IV Therapy is ideal for supporting the serious athlete and gym-goer to enhance gains, improve endurance, and shorten recovery times. Contact us today at Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood, KS to schedule your consultation.