NAD+ Rewind Time & NAD+ Neuroregenerative

*NAD+ IV therapy is only available to established Premier Care patients.

The body relies on a delicate balance of enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients for optimal function. Unfortunately, daily life stressors and the natural aging process can make it difficult to maintain this balance. At Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood, KS, we know that IV therapy with cocktails such as NAD+ Rewind Time and NAD+ Neuroregenerative can restore the balance of your health.

IV Therapy: NAD+ Rewind Time and NAD+ Neuroregenerative

For those who are concerned about cellular degeneration associated with the natural aging process, IV treatments formulated with NAD may be an ideal option. NAD is a naturally-occurring coenzyme in the body that is associated with energy management and energy transference from cell to cell. The cellular metabolism in your body relies on NAD for optimal performance. This coenzyme is also associated with repairing DNA damage.

NAD+ Rewind Time – $399

NAD+ Rewind Time is an IV treatment that is formulated with glutathione and a collection of amino acids that includes glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. The combination of these enzymes and amino acids can aid in tissue repair and optimize immune system function. Patients who use this particular NAD cocktail can boost overall health and function.

NAD+ Neuroregenerative – $599

As part of the natural aging process, the amount of NAD produced by the body decreases around middle age. This has the effect of slowing down cellular performance, especially the performance of neurons. The NAD+ Neuroregenerative cocktail also includes glutathione. However, because the infusion time is four hours long, the results of this IV treatment can be even more restorative for brain and body health.

Which NAD+ Therapy Is Right For You?

Selecting the NAD+ IV treatment that is most appropriate for you will depend on factors such as your general health and your wellness goals. Each of these treatments can fortify immune system function, help repair tissue, and assist in cellular metabolism and communication. Overall, the effects of both of these treatments will optimize your wellness.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

IV therapy delivers nutrients, enzymes, and amino acids directly to your bloodstream. This treatment is thought to result in better absorption than taking oral supplements because IV drips bypass the digestive system.

In general, you will not need to make any significant preparation for your IV treatment. Some patients like to have a small meal before their appointment. You may also want to dress comfortably and bring some form of entertainment, such as music or a book. After your IV treatment, you will be able to go home or return to your normal activities.

How Soon Will You See Results?

Usually, you will be able to see the results of NAD+ IV treatments within one to two weeks. The specific dosage for your IV cocktail will determine how quickly you will see results. Your general health and current levels of NAD+ may also affect how soon you notice the results of your treatment.

For many patients, the most obvious results after this treatment are better concentration and mental clarity. You may also notice that you have more energy or that your appetite has improved.

How Long Will Results Last?

After NAD+ treatments, your results may last for several weeks, though activity level may affect how long your results last. If you lead a very active lifestyle, then your high metabolism may cause your body to burn off NAD resources more quickly, so you may need treatments more frequently.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Most people are good candidates for NAD+ IV treatment. If you want to increase your mental clarity, immune system function, or cellular metabolism for more energy, this treatment may be a good option for you. You will need to attend a consultation to identify the best NAD+ cocktail for your individual health needs.

Benefits of IV Treatments


For many people, IV treatments are more convenient than taking daily supplements. If you struggle with tablets or capsules, or you want to limit your sugar intake from gummy supplements, IV therapy may be a better option for you. Not only do you not have to keep track of the supplements you take every day, but you can be more confident that your body is absorbing nutrients effectively.


If you know you have a history of vitamin deficiency, or you want to slow down the effects of the aging process, IV treatments can be an ideal option. IV treatments can help you maintain an ideal balance of vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients in your body. When your body has access to all the building blocks of good health, you will be able to enjoy optimal wellness.


Finally, IV treatments are customizable. Sometimes, your physician will order labs to assess the level of certain proteins, amino acids, and enzymes in your body before you have your treatment. Blood tests will ensure that the dosage of your IV cocktail will be customized to your precise health needs. Furthermore, you can always discuss adding specific vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients to your IV treatment to get the best results.

As part of the aging process, your body will produce less NAD+ as you get older. If you want to be more proactive about your health, you can restore NAD+ levels with IV treatment. The benefits of this treatment can include less fatigue, better concentration, and improved muscle recovery. Contact us at Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood, KS today to schedule your consultation.