Better Than PRP for Men

At Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood, KS, we offer a men’s sexual wellness treatment called the PRP shot. We use our PRP alternative or exosomes in this shot to improve sexual function, promote sexual wellness, and even treat ED, also known as erectile dysfunction. This virtually painless treatment is a natural and effective way to enhance sexual health without using harsh prescription medications or topical solutions full of chemicals and unnatural ingredients that can negatively affect your health.

The PRP Shot Alternative: A Men’s Sexual Wellness Treatment

When we administer this injectable, we use an alternative to PRP that’s even better than PRP because it enhances results, promotes sexual wellness and function, and does so without the risk of a negative reaction. We can also add exosomes to the treatment process that can promote a better outcome thanks to a higher concentration of growth factors in the solution.

The Power of Exosomes

Exosomes are found in stem cells and carry messages from one cell to another. They also help repair and regenerate tissue. When administered through the alternative PRP shot, they increase growth factors in the penis, help grow new tissue, treat sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction, and promote a healthy sex life. Exosomes contain highly concentrated growth factors and can take results to the next level.

What It Treats

This injectable treatment provides an effective way for men to promote sexual function and wellness safely and naturally. This injectable contains concentrated exosomes as well as our PRP alternative that can increase circulation to the area, resulting in stronger erections, increased sensation, and improved sexual well-being. This injectable also helps promote a healthy sex life and sexual health. It can also strengthen and straighten the penis and increase its size.

Treating ED: A Natural Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction results from many different factors. For some, it’s caused by stress; for others, it results from lifestyle factors like obesity, inactivity, an unhealthy diet, smoking, or medical conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Depression, anxiety, and relational stress, as well as mental instability, can also cause ED.

There are many different prescriptions and treatment options that promise to treat this form of sexual dysfunction, but very few, if any, are risk-free. The PRP shot effectively treats erectile dysfunction because it rejuvenates the area with growth factors, leading to the development of new, healthier tissue and increased circulation, resulting in improved erections on multiple levels.

How It Works

This treatment process is discrete and minimally invasive. We are skilled in administering the injections while keeping the patient’s comfort in mind. The alternative PRP shot treatment begins with numbing cream, ensuring a pain-free treatment process.

Once the topical numbing solution takes effect, we will administer a series of injections into strategic areas of the penis to achieve the desired results. Then, you’ll be free to resume most of your normal daily activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Notice Results?

It typically takes anywhere from one to six weeks to notice results after the initial treatment. Your body will respond naturally to the treatment, and the injectable’s exosomes, growth factors, and regenerative properties in our PRP alternative will increase circulation to the area and promote tissue regeneration. Results vary among patients, and our injector can provide you with more details about your results and when you can expect them at the time of treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients only need one treatment to achieve results. After you experience the results, you’ll notice an improvement in sensation, stamina, and appearance. These results will continue to improve over time, and you’ll be able to enjoy the results for up to two years. Once you notice changes in your results, you can schedule a follow-up treatment to maintain your results long-term.

Can I Extend or Enhance My Results?

Aside from regular maintenance appointments, you can help maintain, enhance, and even extend the results of this treatment long-term by focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption will go a long way and help promote improved sexual wellness, sexual function, and healthy sex life.

Is the Treatment Safe?

This men’s sexual wellness treatment is a safe way to enhance sexual wellness, treat erectile dysfunction, and promote and improve your sex life. Since it uses natural growth factors to deliver results, you won’t have to worry about an adverse reaction and will only experience benefits once the exosome solution and our PRP alternative solution is injected. The entire treatment is risk-free and delivers some incredible, natural results.

Is There Any Downtime?

Post-treatment, you will be able to resume normal daily activities. You may feel some sensitivity at the injection site for a few days post-treatment, but that will quickly subside.

Is It Painful?

You can rest assured that our experts will take every step to ensure a comfortable and virtually painless treatment process. The topical numbing solution will numb the area so that you don’t experience pain during the quick injection process. Those who receive regular injections to the buttocks for testosterone therapy or other medical concerns have noted that the alternative PRP shot is even less painful than those injections administered to the buttocks.

Promote Your Sexual Wellness and Sexual Function Naturally

If you’re suffering from ED or looking for a natural men’s sexual wellness treatment, the alternative PRP shot is a treatment that will deliver results. Our experts are skilled in administering this injectable and will ensure that you remain comfortable during the quick, minimally invasive, and discreet treatment process. Thanks to our alternative PRP shot, you no longer have to rely on pharmaceuticals, topical products, or medications to promote sexual wellness. Contact us today at Rock Creek Wellness to schedule your consultation.