Voluma Wrinkle Treatment

Break Through Your Wrinkles

As we age, it is natural to notice more and more wrinkles on your face. Whether these wrinkles are fine or not, you do not have to just live with them. *In fact, at Rock Creek Wellness, we offer Juvederm® to help combat them.

One of the most common places to notice wrinkles in women is on the cheeks. These lines don’t appear overnight, but with time they do get more defined; your cheeks may not only have wrinkles but appear to look flattened and or saggy as well. *With Rock Creek Wellness and our Juvederm Voluma®, we may be able to subtly lift your cheeks and bring youthfulness back.

*Individual results may vary.

Get Rid of Unwanted Lines

*By injecting Voluma gel deep into your cheek area, Voluma may not only help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also potentially restore volume to your cheek area. *The best part? This treatment may last up to two years!

*With Voluma, you may be able to regain the full, plump, soft cheeks you desire. *Break through your wrinkles and let our certified physicians help you achieve long-lasting beautiful results. *At Rock Creek Wellness, we understand no one wants to put up with wrinkles, and now you do not have to.

We take our time to get to know each one of our patients to ensure we understand what they are looking to achieve, suggesting the best treatment of their results. Come in for you consultation and see if our Voluma is the right treatment option for you. Schedule your appointment now!

*Individual results may vary.