Top 7 reasons to undergo laser hair removal

laser-hair-removal-benefits.1During the summertime, you’re most likely spending more time outdoors wearing shorts or skirts to offset the summer heat and maybe even to get a bit of sun exposure. If you’re a woman, you might be spending extra time each day shaving your legs, bikini area, and underarms, whereas if you’re a man, the summer season might have nothing to do with the frustration you experience in regards to having to shave your face on a regular basis. Whatever your reason for dealing with unwanted hair, you may want to consider undergoing laser hair removal.

Laser energy can not only remove hair, but it can also permanently reduce the quality and quantity of any remaining hair. Laser hair removal is a simple treatment that can address hair removal needs for both men and women.

Here are the top 7 reasons to undergo laser hair removal:

1. Save money

Most consumers will spend up to hundreds of dollars per year on razors, razor refills, shaving cream, and other hair removal accessories, but the cost of laser hair removal often amounts to far less. Additionally, laser hair removal is permanent, and will help you save money over the course of the following months and years due to zero or less hair growth.

2. Save time

In addition to having to spend several minutes per day shaving or waxing hair, you may also be taking extra time out of your day to shop for hair removal products. Laser hair removal will save you time by allowing you to avoid taking valuable time out of your day before work or a special event to remove unwanted hair.

3. Eliminate ingrown hairs

Not only are ingrown hairs unsightly, but they can also be painful to remove, and can present the risk for infection if you fail to reach the ingrown hair with tweezers or if you use unsterilized hair removal tools. Laser hair removal will prevent your hairs from growing inward back into your skin after treatment.

4. Look great throughout the year

During the winter season, you might be able to get away with not having to shave or wax your legs if you’re a woman, but during the summer, you’ll have to consciously be aware of keeping unwanted hair to a minimum. With laser hair removal, you’ll be able to go throughout the entire year without having to worry or keep track of hair growth. Plus, you’ll be able to throw on tank tops, shorts, or a bathing suit at any point without having to do extra hair removal maintenance.

5. Boost your confidence

Unwanted body and facial hair can take a toll on your self-confidence, especially if you grow hair in areas in which hair typically shouldn’t be. If you’re a man, you might be frustrated at having to shave regions of your neck where hair grows errantly, whereas if you’re a woman, you might feel self-conscious about having sideburns, a mustache, or excessive underarm hair. Laser hair removal can help boost your confidence by getting rid of hair from unwanted areas.

6. Have smoother skin

Since shaving and waxing aren’t permanent hair removal methods, you may have to deal periodically with sharp stubble that grows back in and feels rough to the touch. Having stubble can also be embarrassing at times if your partner prefers to touch smoother skin. Laser hair removal will prevent you from having to worry about hair growing back in and results in smoother, sexier skin.

7. Experience less pain

The technology used for laser hair removal is completely pain-free and comfortable, whereas shaving may increase the risk for cuts and scrapes and waxing can be shockingly painful for seconds at a time. Laser hair removal is also safe for your skin, and most treatments are fitted with cooling systems that provide additional skin protection to result in a more relaxing experience.

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