Premier Care: Our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Plan

If you are interested in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, it is time to learn about the Premier Care Program from Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood. This program includes a comprehensive and thorough evaluation so that we can create a customized plan just for you. But, our plan doesn’t just include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, it also includes a diet and exercise plan, lifestyle risk assessment, and supplementation. When you choose the Premier Care Program from Rock Creek Wellness, you’ll be receiving quality, personal care from our knowledgeable and experienced staff. 

Interested in our Premier Care Program? Read on to learn more, and if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule your consultation, contact Rock Creek Wellness today. 

What Is the Premier Care Program?

The Premier Care Program from Rock Creek Wellness is a comprehensive age-management & bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program. After the initial consultation, you will pay a monthly fee that allows you ongoing access to the providers and covers any future follow-up appointments. By accessing Premier Care, our providers are able to monitor your progress and health more closely, without the need for you to come in each time you have a inquiry, need a refill, or have a basic medical concern. Our Premier Care Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Program is an easy and cost-effective way to receive consistent, quality bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and ongoing age-management. 

What Does Premier Care Include?

The Premier Care Program from Rock Creek Wellness starts with a 4-hour consultation. This consultation allows our staff to assess your current health and ensure before starting that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is right for you. Our initial consultation is incredibly comprehensive so that we can create a customized lifestyle modification plan that is ideal for you. 

After the initial consultation, you’ll receive your lifestyle modification plan and we will begin  bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. By enrolling in our Premier Care program, you’ll receive access to yearly testing that will allow us to monitor your progress and adjust your therapy and lifestyle plan as needed. 

The Premier Care BHRT Program Includes:

  • A thorough 4-hour initial consultation 
    • An advanced cardiovascular screening
    • Max pulse screening
    • Physical evaluation
    • Bone density scan
    • Total body composition analysis
  • A complete lifestyle modification plan customized just for you, including a diet plan, lifestyle risk assessment, exercise plan, supplementation, and natural hormone therapy. 
  • Continued monthly bioidentical hormone therapy (included services depend upon plan selected)
    • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
    • Discounted prices on other products and services
    • Yearly physical examination
    • Yearly bone density scan
    • Yearly body composition analysis
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Access to doctors and nurses during office hours and after hours
    • Discounting prescription pricing
    • Family discount

How Much Does Premier Care BHRT Cost?

The Premier Care BHRT begins with an initial consultation for the cost of $1,950. This cost includes your 4-hour consultation, bone density scan, cardiovascular screenings, max pulse screening, physical evaluation, and total body composition analysis. When priced separately, the services you receive during this consultation would cost well over $4,000. 

After the initial consultation, you will choose your monthly subscription plan. You will be able to choose from our Executive plan or our Silver Plus plan. Each plan includes the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. However, the plans vary on exactly what other costs are covered. View the entire breakdown of each plan.  

What Should I Expect From My First Visit?

Your first visit to Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood will consist of a 4-hour comprehensive consultation. Before you arrive, you will begin with completing a 12-page medical questionnaire. This includes questions about your medical history and any current health issues you may be experiencing. You will also be expected to complete some lab work before arriving so that we can have the results available for the providers to interpret. 

Once you arrive at the Rock Creek Wellness office, you will meet our friendly age-management physician, who will go over a few questions with you before you begin testing. Testing will include a bone density scan, a physical evaluation, and a total body composition analysis (cardiovascular studies are performed at an imaging center and reviewed at next appointment). After these tests are complete, your doctor will go over your results and begin to put together your lifestyle modification plan and customized treatment protocols.

Learn More About the Premier Care BHRT Plan

Does this comprehensive bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and age-management plan sound ideal to you? If so, it’s time to contact the friendly staff at Rock Creek Wellness in Leawood! We will gladly answer any of your questions and schedule you for your consultation. Contact us today to get started.