4 myths about chemical peel treatments, debunked

Chemical peel treatments offer a number of skincare benefits, and have the ability to improve the appearance of and eliminate skin problems such as freckles, irregular skin pigmentation, wrinkles, acne scars, and more. A chemical peel can leave your face looking younger, fresher, and smoother for weeks and months at a time. However, many individuals who could benefit from chemical peels tend to shy away from them as a result of hearing rumors and myths that negate the effects of these highly beneficial medical-grade treatments.

Here are four myths about chemical peel treatments, debunked.

Myth #1: Chemical peels result in major downtime

Previously, aggressive types of peels such as phenol chemical peels often resulted in major redness and highly visible peeling that resulted in a long downtime and recovery. Now, chemical peels are performed using lasers that can provide the same deep resurfacing but offer fewer side effects and less downtime. In fact, there are a number of different chemical peel treatments you can choose from depending on the skin problems you want to correct or eliminate. Some peels are very mild and result in no visible peeling or downtime, whereas some of the deeper peels may only result in a very slight redness.

Myth #2: Chemical peels can be easily performed at home

For the best, safest results, a chemical peel treatment should always be performed by a licensed and experienced aesthetician. Though chemical peels may be sold online and in drugstores, these types of peels can cause severe damage if you fail to administer them correctly. In many cases, individuals who have chosen to do chemical peels at home often end up making appointments with skincare professionals who can correct the damage. An aesthetician can also evaluate whether you’re an ideal candidate for a chemical peel based on your medical history, and can provide your skin with the necessary care before and after your chemical peel treatment to reduce the risk for scarring.

Myth #3: Chemicals of any kind are bad for your skin

Many individuals avoid chemical peel treatments after hearing the word “chemical,” and assuming that chemicals of any kind are bad for your skin. However, the majority of active acids used in most chemical peel treatments are derived from natural sources and are completely safe. For instance, glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, whereas lactic acid is derived from sour milk. Additionally, certain compounds used in chemical peels such as hyaluronic acid are non-irritating, and can heal the skin fully without causing exfoliation.

Myth #4: Chemical peels should only be used on individuals with poor skin

Chemical peels can be used to treat and enhance the appearance of all skin types, including sensitive skin. Some individuals with great-looking skin even receive chemical peel treatments as a preventive measure to avoid skin irregularities. There are many types of chemical peels that can help stimulate healthy cell growth and exfoliate dead skin cells to result in a long-lasting, youthful, and vibrant appearance.

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